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Abel 70cm 【Doll Legend】

Abel 70cm 【Doll Legend】

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USD$400.00 USD$439.56 (% off)

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Name:  Abel

Size: 70cm

Basic Price Includes:
*Basic Doll
*Eyes (Random)
*Certificate card

叔叔1 叔叔2 叔叔3 叔叔4 叔叔5 叔叔6 叔叔7 叔叔8 叔叔9 叔叔10 70cm measurement

Skin color:
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    Dolly Planet Shipping Guide:

    Dolly Planet products [Beetles Glass eyes  & QQ wigs]  are instock items;

    If some items are not instock when you place order, we will email you to specify the time.

    Default shipment is E-PACKAGE; USPS or HONGKONG POST .


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    [Dolly Planet] Custom order sizes normally takes around 20~30 business days.

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    BJD Doll Pre-order instruction:

    1.  BLOSSOM DOLL; CLOVER DOLL; MYOU DOLL; MYSTIC KIDS; DOLL LEGEND dolls are all shipped out assembled ;

    2. Please avoid any kind of light because exposing to light ( Sunlight or indoor light) for a long time , the doll skin will turn yellow;

    3. Pre-order dolls are custom product,  Once full  payment sent ( including Layaway deposit) , order cannot be changed or cancelled;

    4.  Waiting time is varied from different companies. If the waiting time is long, please be patient. We will try our best to make the order shipped out as soon as possible. At the same time, your understanding and patience are very important and thankful.

    5. We offer layaway payment for doll order over US$200 ;

    Details please contact us by kokdollcollection@outlook.com .



    The following Shopping Guide is our humble summary from our experience. We hope it can be useful

    1. What is Pupil?What is Iris?

    It is clear from photo:Eyes White–White color part,Pupil is the black spot in the middle,  Iris is the color part in the middle not include the pupil.



    2.  what size eyes XX Doll wear?


    About the sizes choosing, we cannot provide specific answer this question specifically because there are too many doll companies and dolls.
    We suggest to  consult the doll company, or make measurement by yourself.  Please take the photo measurement way as reference. 



    Maskcat Doll Nerine example

    As the photo you can see,  Nerine eyes socket width is around 13.5MM. In order to fit the eyes, we suggest to choose eyes adding 2~3 MM , so 16MM is fit.
    Eye socket up&down highest part is around 7.6MM, so  choosing eyes with  8MM Iris can fit normally ; Iris 8.5-9MM:  look gentle/cute; Iris smaller than 7.5MM: energy/wary/sharp-witted.


    3. What is the differences between Noral Iris and small Iris Low arc eyes?

    Please see the photo for direct comparison:

    4. Eyes Arc comparison of our shop

    Our glass eyes are all handmade and made by different artists. So different patches eyes arc are different.
    5. How to choose the right eyes for your doll,here are some of our suggestions:
    *With lighter Color Iris, the doll will look more energy/sharp-witted; With darker Iris color , will look more gentle or serious ;
    *Small Iris low arc eyes are more fit the human look doll sculpts; or  a foxy, sharp look .




    6. Why the same size eyes are different: A series,H series and BQ series?

    As we clarify in each page:  our glass eyes are made by 3 Artists; each series sizes are different ( we normally added the reference sizes in each page) ,
    in addition, glass eyes are handmade products, each patch is with slight differences.

    If the doll eyes socket are very special kind and request  detailed size, you can email us for a specific measurement before order

    (for example: DIM company doll Luria, the eyes socket is 14MM which cannot put eyes even bigger 0.5MM ; Or SOOM company eyes socket has big limitation on the eyes size)


    The above suggestions are written according to our experience;  if there are flaw info , we will thank you for your kind remind and provide us your suggestions ; Also , you are very welcome to email us your advices and your sharing will be treasure to us .

    Thank you for reading!

    Dolly Planet

    Dolly Planet 2018 Feb Event:

     Beetles Glass Eyes and QQ wigs: 

    1. Order amount ≥ USD65 ,  will be with Free Shipping ;

    2. Order amount ≥ USD90,  will be with Free Shipping, and one gift random Wig ;


    BJD Doll order Event: (included the company events)

    1. Order 1/3 Full Doll, will get

    One Dolly Planet Gift Bag ( wig silicone headcap + random wig/glass eyes/random shoes) , and one  US$10 COUPON ( Coupon is only for QQ wigs and Beetles Galss eyes) ;

    2. Order 1/4 Full Doll, will get

    One Dolly Planet Gift Bag ( wig silicone headcap + random wig/glass eyes/random shoes) , and one US$7 Coupon (Coupon is only for QQ wigs and Beetles Galss eyes) ;

    3. Order 1/6 Full Doll, will get

    One Dolly Planet Gift Bag ( wig silicone headcap + face mask) ,

    and one US$5 Coupon (Coupon is only for QQ wigs and Beetles Galss eyes) ;



    Mystic Kids:  1st Feb ~ 10th Mar 2018

    Content:  Order Mystic Dolls  during event time, will get 10% OFF (separate accessories order not included)

    Clover Doll Event: 1st Feb ~ 10th Mar 2018

    Content: Order Clover Dolls during event time, will get 10% OFF (separate accessories order not included)

    MYOU DOLL:  1ST Feb ~ 8th Mar 2018

    Content:  Order Mystic Dolls  during event time, will get 15% OFF (separate accessories order not included)


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